SchoolCP-001 is a fan made person in SchoolCP.


SchoolCP-001 must be contained in a room in the first floor level. He must be observed and teached to see what he is. He must be kept eyes on and if he has to use the bathroom, he must be taken by an adult. He must not be allowed to come in contact with other students.


SchoolCP-001 is a human child who appears to be the regular size and weight of a 10 year old boy. He wears blue jeans, a red shirt, and wears glasses. He also has green eyes and black hair. His name is not fully revealed because no one is sure of who he is or where he come from. SchoolCP-001 is often called " The New Kid" Because usually he stays in a school for 1 week before going somewhere else, he appears to not have any parents. When kids look at him and say "hi" to him, he says "hi" back. He acts very similar to a normal student, except there are times when he bullies other students. He usually does this by wedgies, wet willies, stuffing in lockers, and beating them up. When there's a bully, he will either ********* or *********. If someone threatens or bullies SchoolCP-001, they are his target for the week which is called " SchoolCP-001-1" These victims would often get picked on and it will cause other kids to pick on him. He will often beat up SchoolCP-001-1, steal whatever thing they have, and would even get them in trouble by a teacher or principle. After a week, the victim would no longer be SchoolCP-001-1. His educational value is considered "weird" and "random". He would constantly ask questions, would stare at other students, or would even go up to the board to get a closer look. After a week, he leaves and goes to another school. Principles try to see who he is, but his identity is still unknown. So, he was taken to the SchoolCP Organization to be tested on by the staff and other students.


The only thing revealed about SchoolCP-001 is that he's a boy and he's 10.

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