Ryan is one of the members of the Sunatrons.


He appears to be a black and grey colored robot. He appears to be thin and a size of an average adult man. He also has a human brain inside his head.


Ryan was created in a laboratory. He was known as " subject #00002". The scientist tried to do an experiment by putting a human brain inside of him to see if he would have the emotions and intelligence of a human. The experiment was a success as he moves, talks, and acts like an actual human being. He then decided to leave and go explore the world. He found a 30 year old women in a park to be with. They been together for 3 months, however a crowd of people dislike it and ended up making them two break up. Ryan was depressed as he has no friends or girlfriend to be with. He then later saw Techguy trying to save a bus that was gonna crash into a car. He then goes to him and congrats him for saving the day. He then said thank you and asked if he wants to be his friend. Later, him and Techguy became best friends and Ryan manage to join the Sunatrons. He was then given more friends and was modified to battle bad guys or save people.


Ryan works differently from most robots as he has the intelligence of a human. He was later given modifications by Techguy to be more powerful like power surging and boosters.


He is one of the few sunatrons to come from a laboratory.

He is afraid of getting a girlfriend due to what happened in the past.

He could be from the same lab as Techguy, but it's confirmed that he's not.

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